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Dorothea Lange, American photographer: Migrant Mother 1936 Biography: Dorothea Lange was born in 1895 in Hoboken, New Jersey. She died in 1965. She originally studied to be a psychologist, while studying photography on the side. After apprenticing to several photographic studios, she opened her own portrait studio in San Francisco in 1928.

During the Great Depression, she worked as a documentary photographer for the Resettlement Administration, later renamed as the Farm Security Administration, photographing migrant workers and their families fleeing the "Dust Bowl" states ravaged by drought, many of them seeking new lives and work in the "promised land" of California. She is also known for her photographs documenting the plight of Japanese-Americans who were evacuated to relocation camps after the start of World War II. Click any thumbnail to view a larger version or make a purchase.

Dorothea Lange Photographs

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