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Programming on the Web

These are links to Internet programming resources and information on the Web.

Client-Side Scripting

JavaScript, ECMAScript, and JScript


VBScript is a proprietary client-side scripting language developed by Microsoft.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is the means for Web servers to integrate sever-side scripting and programming languages. The most common server-side language accessed by CGI is Perl.


CGI Script Repositories

  • Extropia.com's Free Downloads -- Download and use any of the scripts/applications for free.
  • Matt's Script Archive by Matt Wright. A big repository of CGI scripts that are free for non-commercial use.
  • CGI Scripts from dtp-aus.com. A collection of several useful free-to-use CGI-Script applications written in Perl 5. Also includes an affordable multipart form processing application (for a little extra, they'll even install it for you on your server).
  • ScriptSearch: The World's Largest Script Archive. Get access to over 5,000 scripts. You can also list your own scripts, as well as discuss scripts in the Script Search Forum.
  • The CGI Resource Index. Includes links to over 4,000 CGI-related resources in over 200 categories.
  • FreeScripts. Free CGI scripts written in Perl.

Client-Side Programming - Java, ActiveX, and More


Java is a client-side programming language introduced by Sun MicroSystems.

  • Java Zone from DevX.com.
  • Brewing Java: A Tutorial by Elliotte Rusty Harold.
  • The Java Tutorials by Sun Microsystems, the inventors of Java.
  • NetBeans: The Cross-Platform Java IDE. An object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing.

Java Applet Repositories


ActiveX is a client-side programming language developed by Microsoft.

Other Scripting/Programming Languages & Application Frameworks

Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

Online Databases

Misc. Scripting/Programming Resources

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