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Here are web graphic and image editing resources I've gathered that might be helpful in adding more visual impact to your page and site.

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Other Graphics Resources

  • DiP: A Guide to Digital Pictures & More. Links, tips, and tricks for Painter, PhotoShop, Kai's Power Tools.
  • Cooltext.com: Online Graphics Generator. A free online service that will generate your web art for you. Super cool. Here's an example (my second try):

    Cooltext.com 3-D logo example

  • Media Builder 3D Text Maker. Another free online utility that will create a fancy animated 3D text banner for you. Pretty neato. Here's an example:

    3D Text Maker example

  • A few scanning tips by Wayne Fulton (at scantips.com). If you're scanning images or artwork for use on the Web, this site provides a load of tips on how to get better results.
  • The Color Wheel and Color Relationships. Aimed at coordinating room colors, but also helpful for coordinating web site colors.

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Creating Interlaced and Transparent GIFs

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Color Depth Optimization and Other Tricks to Conserve Bandwidth

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Web Art & Stock Photographs

Web Art & Clip Art

Royalty-Free Stock Photographs

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Education & Training

  • Graphic Design Classes. An excellent omnibus site for helping find available graphic design education and training resources in your area or online.

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