Web Publishing Resource Center:
References, Tutorials & Info

Welcome to our Web publishing resource center. Just follow the links here to find an abundance of tutorials, references, documentation, and other helpful information on Web page and site creation and design, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, programming, graphic design, multimedia, and Web site placement and promotion.

  • References, Style Guides, and Other Resources

    Look here for Web publishing guides, tutorials, and references; HTML, XHTML, CSS, and other specifications and recommendations; Web design style guides; Web page templates; FAQs; newsgroups and forums; and other omnibus Web publishing and design Web sites.

  • HTML Features

    Look here for resources, information, and how-to's on specific HTML features, including tables, forms, image maps, frames, add-ons, character sets, multimedia, colors, style sheets, and more.

  • Programming Resources

    Look here for sources and references on JavaScript, VBScript, CGI/Perl, Java, ActiveX, PHP, Database programming, and more.

  • Placement, Promotion, and Validation

    Look here for information on the placement, promotion, optimization, and validation of your page or site on the Web.

  • Graphics Resources

    Look here for resources on graphic design for the Web, including tutorials, tips, FAQs, and more on using Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop for creating Web graphics.

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