Learn HTML on the Mac In a Weekend

by Steve CallihanPublished by Prima Tech
ISBN 0-76153009-6$24.99 U.S./$34.95 Can./£23.49 U.K.

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For non-Macintosh users, I have a new book available: Learn HTML In a Weekend, 3rd Edition.

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I have some extra copies of Learn HTML on the Mac In a Weekend that are available for purchase. These are brand new copies, with sealed CD-ROMs. The cost is US$12, plus US$5 shipping/handling, for a total of US$17 (still way less than you can get it from Amazon.com for!). If you're outside of the U.S./Canada, add an additional US$3, for a total of US$20. Payment can be made via money order or PayPal. I'll even sign it for you! -- just let me know you'd like it signed. For further details on getting a signed copy of Learn HTML on the Mac In a Weekend, just contact me at macbook@callihan.com.

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Because this web site is an associate partner of Amazon.com, you can order a copy of Learn HTML on the Mac In a Weekend right here, directly from Amazon.com, the biggest cyber-bookstore of them all--at a 20% discount. And, hey, I get a royalty for each sale, which means I'll get a double royalty for each book ordered here, one from my publisher and the other from Amazon.com. Just click the following link to go to Amazon.com where you can place your order:

Order Learn HTML on the Mac In a Weekend HERE! for $19.99 (20% discount).

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My Online Bookstore

I've included links below to where you can find out about other titles I've written and about other books I recommend to readers who want to explore further.

My Other Web Publishing Books

I've several other web publishing titles. For information on all of my books that are currently available, see:

Steve Callihan's Web Publishing Books.

Recommended Web Publishing Books

Many readers have asked me in the past what other HTML and web publishing books I recommend. You'll be glad to know that I've now gathered together a selection of books that I particularly recommend:

Recommended Web Publishing Books.

Promote Your Web Site!

With the Internet and the Web growing by leaps and bounds, it is easy for your page or site to get lost in the shuffle. Learning how to promote your site and make others aware of your efforts is increasingly key to success on the Web. I've assembled some useful web site promotion methods, information, and resources -- just click the link to find out more:

Web Site Promotion Tips & Tricks


I've included on the CD-ROM all of the example files that are used in my book's work sessions and tutorials and a collection of HTML templates that you can use to bootstrap your own web publishing efforts. If you don't have a CD-ROM drive, you can download these files here:

All of the download files are in ZIP format. To unzip ZIP files, I recommend that you download and install Aladdin Expander or MacZip.

Example Files used in the book's work sessions and tutorials. If you don't have access to the book's CD-ROM, just download this ZIP file and use either Aladdin Expander or MacZip to unzip these files to a Learn HTML folder on your Desktop, and then use that folder as your working folder for doing the book's exercises and examples.

HTML Templates. If you don't have access to the book's CD-ROM, just download this ZIP file and use either Aladdin Expander or MacZip to unzip these files to a folder on your Desktop (Learn HTML > template, for instance). Included are templates for creating an online calendar/schedule, gallery of your favorite photos or pictures, genealogy web site, newsletter, and resume. Also included are two templates for creating multiframe web sites, as well as a collection of generic templates that feature different looks and feels.

Web Art Sampler

Backgrounds. A selection of background images you can use to enhance your web pages.
Icons. A selection of bullets, buttons, and other icons you can use to enhance your web pages.
Graphic Rules. A selection of graphic rules you can use to enhance your web pages.
Decorative Alphabets. Three decorative alphabets you can use for creating drop caps.

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Readers' Pages

This part of my site is dedicated to helping readers of my web publishing books get some notice for their web pages. If you have read my book and created a web page that you would like to have listed here, just e-mail me at callihan@callihan.com. To check out my readers' pages, go to:

Readers' Pages

Book Outline

Follow this link to see an outline of the contents of my book:

Outline of My Book

AOL Readers

A fairly frequent question I've gotten from AOL readers is about how to run AOL's default web browser offline. As far as I know, you have to be connected to AOL to run its default browser. To do the tutorials, you should just connect to AOL and then run your browser as you normally would. To open a local HTML file, in AOL's Internet Explorer, click File, Open, and Browse, then go to C:\HTML and double-click on your HTML file (scratch.htm, etc.).

If you want to be able to browse offline, nothing says you can't download and install either Netscape Navigator 4.5 or Internet Explorer 5.0 so you can browse local HTML files offline.

Another fairly frequent question I've gotten from AOL readers is about how to publish web pages to a user's web folders on AOL's server. You can go to the keyword "My Place" in AOL and then select "Frequently Asked Questions" to get information on how to use My Place. I've also found a couple of links that describe the process of using My Place to publish your web pages to your folder on AOL's server:

AOL: Uploading your web page
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Offline Browsing Tips

Look here for some additional tips on running your browser offline:

Offline Browsing Tips

Support Pages

This web page is actually one head of a four-headed monster. Here are the other heads:

Get the Latest Tools

Web Publishing Tools: These are udated links to web publishing and other programs and utilities listed in Appendix A, the Resource Directory.

Guides, References, Tutorials, and Much More

Web Publishing Links: These are updated links to web publishing resource materials listed in Appendix A, the Resource Directory.

Find a Host for Your Pages

My Web Hosts Page: Need a server to host your web page? Don't want to spend a bundle? Find links here to lists of free, low-cost, and other web hosting companies.

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