Why Join the Art.com
Affiliate Program

I've experimented with a lot of different affiliate programs, but haven't found any to be as productive as Art.com's affiliate program. You just add product links to your web site or create your own virtual stores, selecting from over 100,000 art prints, posters, and photographs in a wide range of categories, including fine art, celebrities, movies, sports, music, and many other themes and topics.

Art.com pays one of the highest affiliate commission rates on the Web for purchases your visitors make at Art.com. I've been an Art.com affiliate for over two and a half years and have found my relationship with them to be so rewarding that I now focus almost all of my affiliate marketing efforts on selling Art.com posters, prints, and framed orders -- in the first six months of 2004, I've averaged over $10,000 a month in Art.com sales. I can't promise that you'll be as successful as I've been selling Art.com posters, prints, and framed orders, but am confident that there is no affiliate program on the Web that performs and pays better than Art.com (I know, because I've tried at least half of them!). Here's a quick rundown on the Art.com Affiliate Program:

  • Earn 20-30% commission on all sales through your web site. In a month, sell only $501 or more to earn 26%! Sell $2,001 or more to earn 27%, $5,001 or more to earn 28%, $10,001 or more to earn 29%, or $20,001 or more to earn 30%. I've been consistently averaging earning 28% to 29% commission on all sales.

  • Earn commissions for ten return days after a visitor clicks through from your site to Art.com. That means you earn commissions on any sales to visitors from your site for ten days after they clickthrough to Art.com, as long as they have cookies enabled on their computers.

  • Earn 5% commission on any sales made by sub-affiliates that you recruit to join Art.com. If your sub-affiliate earns $100, you get $20! Talk about easy money! There is no limit to the number of sub-affiliates you can recruit.

  • Art.com's state-of-the-art Custom Framing options provide you with the opportunity to earn greater commissions -- custom framed prints average from $100 to $200 per order.

  • Art.com's linking tools automatically generate HTML to add product links or virtual stores to your web site and make it easy to maintain and update your product links and virtual stores.

  • Use Art.com's comprehensive sales and traffic reports to track and analyse your results. Download reports to Excel or other spreadsheets for further analysis.

  • Art.com runs its own independent affiliate program. There is no third-party affiliate network involved taking a big slice of the action. Art.com pays promptly, within three weeks following the month in which commissions have been earned -- you don't have to wait for months to get paid, as can be the case with many third-party affiliate network programs. They don't hold back a reserve amount to cover future returns.

  • No affiliate program is more dedicated to taking care of its affiliates and helping to ensure their success than Art.com. Affiliate managers are always on hand to answer your questions -- I've seldom had to wait more than half a day to get a response back, and usually get a response back much quicker than that. The Art.com affiliate program is the best!

As an experienced and successful Art.com affiliate, I will share with you, as my sub-affiliate, my advice and tips on how to successfully sell posters, prints, and framed orders through Art.com. The more diligently you apply my advice and tips, the greater chance you will have of being a successful Art.com affiliate.

Why wait? Join the Art.com Affiliate Program today! Join the best affiliate program on the Web!

Need to know more? E-mail me at with any further questions you have about joining the best affiliate program on the Web.

Steve Callihan
Affiliate ID: 307786

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