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Many readers of my web publishing books have contacted me and I have enjoyed immensely watching my readers' web pages develop and evolve. Not only have my readers exceeded my expectations in terms of the sophistication of their HTML, but they have also surprised me with the wide scope and very interesting content of their sites.

If you have read one of my web publishing books and would like to have your web page or pages listed here, just e-mail me at the URL and a short description of your page. It will also give me a chance to visit your site and see what you are up to. If you would like to include a graphic, that's okay too, just so you keep it fairly small.

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My Readers' Links:

The Christian Church Uniting by Patricia Hawn. "We are a united and uniting congregation of the Church of the Brethren and the United Church of Christ in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We unite recognizing our mission to come together as an open and inclusive church welcoming all those who seek God into the full life and ministry of the church regardless as to age, race, gender, economic status, education, marital status, sexual orientation or special needs."
Fire Emblem Guide by Collin. Guide to the Nintendo game, Fire Emblem, including units, items, strategy, and more.
First Web Site Design by David A. Viniker. Guidance and info on choosing a Web designer, domain names, Web hosts, HTML, optimization, promotion, and more.
Peninsula Yacht ClubThe Huggins Family/Lake Norman Web Page. Features updates on Huggins family events, local area information on Lake Norman, favorite local businesses in and around Mooresville, NC, and family photos. A beautiful place to live and visit.
Cover: The Drawing SpiritNeil Watson: Artist, Teacher, Writer. Features images of his work, including mixed media, landscapes, figure studies, and more. Also includes biographical information, a list of publications, details of teaching activities, and a regularly updated newsletter.
Cover: The Drawing SpiritThe Drawing Spirit: Developing the Art of Your Drawing Hand by Neil Watson. A site detailing a book written, illustrated, and published by Neil Watson on CD-ROM. Includes a table of contents, sample pages from the book, sample drawings, and ordering information.
Frances Shani ParkerFrances Shani Parker. "Frances Shani Parker is an award-winning writer and educator whose work reflects everyday life, education and hospice service. Her web site features her bio, books, reviews, excerpts, links and more. She invites you to join her on a literary journey with words captivating you with bitter sweetness." James McQuarrie Online. "Your book got me hooked. I have continued learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other aspects of web development, and now do web design and development on a freelance basis." Site contains a curriculum vitae, portfolio examples, and a slideshow of James' photographs.
Souzao Enterprises. Markets and distributes dietary supplements and herbal products for health, fitness, weight loss, body building, skin care, and wellness, at wholesale and discounted prices.
A Music Source: Compositions and Arrangements by Reed Maxson, for flute quintet, flute and guitar, guitar solo, guitar duet, and more. If you're in the U.K., you can order a wooden eco-coffin for a "green" burial for only £99. It is delivered directly to your door and can be self-assembled by anyone in a matter of minutes. Soon to be also marketed in the U.S.
The Mystic Moon Grove by Paganeagle. A site from the U.K that is "dedicated to the Moon Goddess and the greener side of the craft."
BUCPOWER.COM by Paul Stewart. This is a fanzine for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that is located in the U.K. Features include latest news stories, score and schedule results, club merchandise, game videos, team roster, and much more.
www.mazoons.comMazoons: Mazes and Cartoons! by Jody Hall. "I'm a cartoonist, specializing in mazes. Because I combine the mazes with cartoons (in unique ways) I call them 'Mazoons'.... I just kind of make them up as I go along. Of course, I try to make the true path be the one you would be least likely to choose! Each maze has a solution, but only one. All of the paths will either keep on going, or dead end. You'll never find yourself going in circles (like in real life)!"
Television Heaven by Laurence Marcus. "Preserving the history of classic television shows both past and present." Includes show reviews, star interviews, a look at television history, TV collectibles, and the latest TV news.
Joan Sharrock: Artist - Wildlife Painter. "Paintings, Drawings and Prints by British born, Canadian Artist, Joan Sharrock....Here you will find images of animals and birds from all over the world. Among the many species are tigers, elephants, wolves, zebras, parrots, and even butterflies. Joan paints in oils and acrylics; she also has smaller works on paper done in watercolour-pencil as well as limited edition prints, greetings cards, a tiger calendar and a poster."
Wildlife Art of Toni Hargreaves by Angela Dickinson. "Was designed and created for my best friend Miss Toni Hargreaves who is a UK professional Wildlife Artist and will become very famous in the future. Toni's wildlife paintings have been seriously compared to many world famous Wildlife Artists with her 100% devotion, quality of work, and original 'nature in action' ideas for all to see on this unique site. In October 2000 Toni organised a journey to Kenya in Africa to the Samburu and the Mara areas in search of original animal reference photographs by the way of explorative safaris."
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Kayak Club by Colin H. Scott. Located near the town of Cumbernauld in Central Scotland.
Cross Focus by Chris White. "Bringing Christianity Into Your Focus." Includes sections on Current Events, Apologetics, Theology, Music, Missions, and more.
Stanislaw Kapuscinski: writer. "Stanislaw Kapuscinski, architect, sculptor and writer was educated in Poland and England. His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts and sciences as well as seeking inspiration in the Peruvian Andes or solitude under sail. His writing, both fiction and non-fiction, attests to his particular passion for the scope and the development of human potential." For two more sites created by Stan, see Bozena Happach, sculptor and S. Kapuscinski, sculptor.
Watercolours by Allen Parker. See Allen's watercolors of buildings, landscapes, seascapes, boats, and more, as well as watercolors painted by others.
Showplace Landscaping by Philip Fox. "Showplace Landscaping, Inc., specializes in customer satisfaction through professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance services."
The Cureheads by Gary Clarke. "The Cure are one of the biggest musical exports that Great Britain has ever had....The Cureheads are by far the leading tribute to The Cure in the World today. Paying tribute to the Music, Fashion & performing style of The Cure since 1990."
Americoin: The Collectors Online Store by Dan Pazsint. "YOUR online store for most anything related to coins. Here you will be treated fairly and with courtesy and respect and your order will be filled with the full quality advertised or better, and responded to in a timely manner. This is our mission here at AMERICOIN and a daily way of life. We will always do our best to help you and yours to enjoy this 'Hobby of Kings' to the fullest!"
Langley Hall by Ann Walters. "This web site presents the research I have done on Langley Hall and its owners over the centuries. It focuses on the Saltonstalls in Yorkshire in the Middle Ages and their subsequent migration to other parts of the country and the world; and the Langleys who gave it its name."
C.C.C.B.: Custom Cars Custom Bikes by Andy Remnant. "As the name suggests, it is about hot rods - two and four-wheeled - with galleries of pictures based on original photos."
Images of Eyes Gallery. "The Images of Eyes Gallery is the internet's only fine art gallery where the focus is on images and paintings of eyes by international artists--a visual arts online collection of contemporary art works from Argentina to Zimbabwe."
Ron DeStefano ONLINE! "An informational site for the up-and-coming musical theater actor, Ron DeStefano. Based in New York City, Ron has performed in dozens of productions on the local, regional, national, and international levels, and this website includes on- and offstage photos, current showbiz news, and many other theater-related links."
Uncle H's Hideaway by Herman W. Smeenk. "If you're looking for a place to relax, Uncle H's Hideaway is a source for rest and rejuvenation from the daily pressures in your life."
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Fort Sill, Oklahoma by Captain R. Stuart Phillips. The site includes "an outline of the JAG office, as well as a wealth of resources on military law, government ethics, and consumer law, with an emphasis on Oklahoma state law."
Steve's Music Center, created by Cliff Schwartz and Jonas Web. "An on-line visit to a small-town musical instruments store. Features Steve playing guitar on the Effects page."
Gin-Rich Poms by Ginger Kilbreth. A site dedicated to their prize-winning Pomeranians.
WCTPA: World Championship Team Penning Association by William Patnaude.
Chronos: The Homepage of Laurence Marcus. Included is part one of a six-part SCI-FI television screenplay, "The Chronos Alternative," written by Laurence Marcus and Stephen Hulse.
Humberside Police - Helicopter Support Section (HSS) by Norman Woolens. Located in East Yorkshire, UK -- "almost 30 pages of information, pictures, graphics and downloads."
TuggleMugsy's World by Diane Vitro -- "The purpose is to show how one specific ferret cage on the market now, which is deemed unsafe by knowledgeable members of the ferret community can be made safe, comfortable, and practical for ferrets. The other purpose is to introduce my business of ferrets. It is aimed at ferret-fanciers."
Sliders Cult TV from the UK -- "aims to keep fans of Sliders in the UK and abroad in touch with Sliders developments, and up to date with any series news.
Bleu's Web Page by Blair Gilmore. Dedicated to all things Molson. Also, don't miss the link to his Duct Tape Queen Page. Also check out another page created by Blair, Paul's Hummer Adventure Page.
The Boutell Home Page by Nancy Peacock Boutell. Check out her pages dedicated to the NASCAR race car drivers, Rusty Wallace and Jeremy Mayfield, and her page on wolves.
Credit Analysis and Research Ltd. by Shrinidhi Sharma. Created by one of my readers in India!
Vortex100 Storm Chase Page by Robert Lattery -- "for those who need information before hitting the road to chase twisters. It has links to some of the best meteorological information available on the internet, including the latest radars and satellites, and there is a five-day severe weather forecast for the U.S. that anyone (professional or amateur) can read. I am a meteorologist and I write this forecast daily."
Martha's Genealogy by Martha Womack -- Martha says she was able "to produce 29 pages of genealogy information." Martha's pages are an excellent example of using the Web to publish and share genealogy information. My sister is heavy into genealogy too, by the way. Genealogy on the Web is getting bigger and bigger.
Philadelphia Flyers Page by Bob Massella -- For Flyers and Eagles fans everywhere.

More to come!

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