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Learn HTML in a Weekend

by Steve CallihanPublished by Prima Publishing
ISBN 0-76151293-4$24.99 U.S./$34.95 Can./£23.49 U.K.

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The 3rd Edition of Learn HTML In a Weekend is now available. Go to to find out how to get the latest and the greatest. If you have purchased the original edition (no REVISED EDITION in the lower-left corner of the front cover), see the rest of this page for downloads and other information relevant to that edition.

For Macintosh users, I have a new book available: Create Your First Mac Web Page In a Weekend.

Welcome to the web site for my book, Learn HTML in a Weekend, published by Prima Publishing.

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Because this web site is an associate partner of, you can order a copy of Learn HTML in a Weekend right here, directly from, the biggest cyber-bookstore of them all--at a 20% discount. And, hey, I get a royalty for each sale, which means I'll get a double royalty for each book ordered here, one from my publisher and the other from Just click the following link to go to where you can place your order:

Order Learn HTML in a Weekend HERE! for $19.99 (20% discount).

Follow either of these links if you have any questions about shipping, customer service, gift wrapping, and so on: shipping policy. customer service.

My Online Bookstore

I've included links below to where you can find out about other titles I've written and about other books I recommend to readers who want to explore further.

My Other Web Publishing Books

I've several other web publishing titles. For information on all of my books that are currently available, see:

Steve Callihan's Web Publishing Books.

Recommended Web Publishing Books

Many readers have asked me in the past what other HTML and web publishing books I recommend. You'll be glad to know that I've now gathered together a selection of books that I particularly recommend:

Recommended Web Publishing Books.

Promote Your Web Site!

With the Internet and the Web growing by leaps and bounds, it is easy for your page or site to get lost in the shuffle. Learning how to promote your site and make others aware of your efforts is increasingly key to success on the Web. I've assembled some useful web site promotion methods, information, and resources -- just click the link to find out more:

Web Site Promotion Tips & Tricks


Included on the CD-ROM are graphics that are used in the tutorials. Also included are examples and templates you can use in planning and creating a web page, and a sampler of additional icons, graphic rules, and background images. If you don't have a CD-ROM drive, you can download these files here:

All tutorial example graphics and other files used in the tutorials in this book.You can find these graphics in the \EXAMPLES\TUTORIAL directory on the CD-ROM.
Basic web page examples and other web page templates that you can use to get a leg up on creating a web page.. NOTE: You can find these templates in the \EXAMPLES\TEMPLATE\PAGES\ directory on the CD-ROM.
A web art sampler, including bullets, lines, background images, and more that you can use in creating your web pages. NOTE: You can find these graphics in the \EXAMPLES\WEBART directory on the CD-ROM.

The instructions in the book for running Netscape Navigator off-line in Windows 3.1 call for using MOZOCK.DLL. Since this seems to no longer be available from Netscape's web site, you can download it here:



I've also included two special templates on the CD-ROM, a Frames template that you can use to set up a Frame web site similar to this site, and a Tables template for creating an online newsletter. You can find these templates on the CD-ROM in \EXAMPLES\TEMPLATE\FRAMES\ and \EXAMPLES\TEMPLATE\TABLES\. If you don't have a CD-ROM drive, you can download these templates from these links:

Frames Template

Tables Template

To use the Frames template, just create a directory for it off of your main working directory for creating HTML files (C:\HTML\FRAMES, for instance), then unzip FRAMES.ZIP into it. Next, load FRAME.HTM into your web browser. Next, just follow the displayed instructions for using the Frames template to create your very own super-duper Frames web site, just like mine. Have fun!

To use the Tables template, create a directory for it and unzip TABLES.ZIP into it. Load NEWSLTTR.HTM into your web browser. To edit it, just load it into Windows Notepad or an HTML editor, substituting your own images and text.

The home page for Frame-It, a freeware frames-utitity included on the CD-ROM and used in the Sunday Morning session, has disappeared. If you don't have a CD-ROM or have one of the international editions without a CD-ROM, contact me at and ask me to e-mail either the 32-bit or 16-bit version to you.

Readers' Pages

This part of my site is dedicated to helping readers of my web publishing books get some notice for their web pages. If you have read my book and created a web page that you would like to have listed here, just e-mail me at To check out my readers' pages, go to:

Readers' Pages

Book Outline

Follow this link to see an outline of the contents of my book:

Outline of My Book

An Introduction to Dynamic HTML

This was originally supposed to be one of the appendixes in the book, but got pulled at the last minute to help squeeze down the size of the book. Unfortunately, however, Prima neglected to change the cover, which trumpets that the book "Covers Dynamic HTML." So, if you have been looking for where the Dynamic HTML is in the book, it isn't there. Instead, I've placed it here:

An Introduction to Dynamic HTML

Putting It Up on the Web

You've learned HTML, created some practice pages on your local hard drive, and have even arranged for some web space from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or IPP (Internet Presence Provider), but now you're stumped! "How do I get this dang thing up there?," you ask. Well, in the vast majority of cases, you FTP it. The following is a how-to on using WS-FTP, one of the best FTP programs available, to transfer your web pages up onto the Web:

Putting It Up on the Web

Support Pages

This web page is actually one head of a four-headed monster. Here are the other heads:

Find a Host for Your Pages

Budget Web Hosts: Need a server to host your web page? Don't want to spend a bundle? Here's my list of affordable presence providers.

Get the Latest Tools

Web Publishing Tools: These are udated links to web publishing and other programs and utilities listed in Appendix A, the Resource Directory.

Guides, References, Tutorials, and Much More

Web Publishing Links: These are updated links to web publishing resource materials listed in Appendix A, the Resource Directory.

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