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Hi! I've always thought of myself as a writer. Since I was 16 or 17, anyway. I got into this web publishing stuff a couple of years ago or so, published some magazine articles, mostly about the Web (hey, just about anything on the Web will sell!), then, lo and behold, got a book offer. The book, Create Your First Web Page in a Weekend, was released by Prima Publishing on November 25. Since then, I've authored three other books, Learn HTML In a Weekend, Create Your First Mac Web Page In a Weekend, and Create Web Animations with Microsoft Liquid Motion In a Weekend, all published by Prima Tech. I've also co-authored another book, Create FrontPage 2000 Pages In a Weekend. Create Your First Web Page In a Weekend is currently out in a 3rd Edition, while Learn HTML In a Weekend is out in a Revised Edition. So, I guess I really am a writer, although being a writer you can never really be sure you are really a writer. Writing is like playing blind man's bluff, actually. Something has to be published before you can even begin to see what you've done, and even then the writer is by far the worst judge of it. Still, it beats having to shave every morning.

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One Web Avenue

I've added an "umbrella page," One Web Avenue, that is now my front door to the rest of my web pages. It is now the default root page for my domain, The URL for this page, on the other hand, has changed to I will most likely rework this page considerably, in that it is no longer my "root" page. For now, however, realize that for many of the links from this page to other pages of mine, clicking a "Return to Home" link will most likely return you, not to here, but to One Web Avenue.

My Web Publishing Pages

These are my web publishing pages:

Online Articles

I have three articles that I've had published available on the Web, two that were published in WordPerfect for DOS Magazine and one that was published in Internet World.

A Seattle Lexicon

Being a born and bred Northwesterner, I thought I'd share with you a lexicon I've created of terms germaine to Seattle and environs:


Here are some of my stabs at the lost art of the irreducible thought:


Here are some of my poems. When I get the time, I'll be posting more of my poems here.


I'll be placing some of my "pieces" of creative writing here, as I get around to transcribing them.


Hey, this is a personal page. Here's a partial list of some of my personal favorites:

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