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Various Lexical Resources

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Lexical References

Local & Regional Lexicons & Glossaries (U.S.)

  • How to Talk San Franciscan -- Find out about Bezerkely, Snob Hill, Coitus Tower, The Herpes Triangle, and more.
  • The Pittsburgh Dictionary -- Learn to speak "Pittsburghese." Learn to drop your D's just like a real Pittsburgher: say cooun't for couldn't, wooun't for wouldn't, and din't for didn't.
  • CoalSpeak -- A "list of words, phrases, locations, and colloquialisms commonly used in the Coal Region of Eastern Pennsylvania."
  • American Slanguages: The Hick-to-Hip Translation Guide. Lists slang words and phrases for many cities, both American and international, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Hong Kong, L.A., New Orleans, San Francisco, and, of course, Seattle. What this page lacks in depth, it makes up for in its breadth.
  • The House of the Rising Sun Lexicon. A site dedicated to the patois of past and present residents of a shifting group-residence of young people and students (Sacramento State and CSU Chico, apparently), with the primary focus being on Sacramento and Northern California slang. An excellent compilation! -- Note: As of late 2004, the parent site for the HRS Lexicon, DrinkMoreThinkLess.com, seems to have disappeared. One can only imagine that the perpetrators of the HRS Lexicon have finally grown up and would be embarrassed to have it read by employers, wives, or children, or perhaps might simply now want to have them. Purely in the interest of preservation of what is a very interesting time capsule, however, I here present links to all 12 pages of the HRS Lexicon as they still exist in the Internet Archive (you will need to click each link individually, as the internal JavaScript menu in the pages, for jumping to the separate pages, does not work: dict.html, dict2.html, dict3.html, dict4.html, dict5.html, dict6.html, dict7.html, dict8.html, dict9.html, dict10.html, dict11.html, dict12.html.

International Lexicons, Glossaries & Dictionaries

Ethnic Lexicons, Glossaries, and Dictionaries

Computer, Hacker & Web Lexicons, Glossaries & Dictionaries

  • The Microsoft Lexicon -- A lexicon of terms originating from the Microsoft campus (a world unto itself). Find out what Blue Badger, BOOP, Dogfood, Facemail, Gronk, and Permatemp mean.
  • The Ultimate Silicon Valley Slang Page -- Learn what Chat-Fly, Nerd Bird, and Loser Error mean.
  • A Hacker's Glossary -- A short list of hacker terms. Learn what deep magic, raster burn, and wetware mean.
  • The New Hacker's Dictionary -- The granddaddy of hacker slingo references. Learn what bag on the side, barfmail, cybercrud, feeping creaturism, field circus, fritterware, joe code, luser, paper-net, scratch monkey, security through obscurity, and war dialer mean.
  • Web-To-English Dictionary -- the original Webspeak list posted at The Asylum, which is no more. Only available at one other place on the Web, that I know of (after an exhaustive search). Presented here in the interest of preservation.

Various Peculiar Lexicons and Glossaries

Other Resources

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