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Welcome to my online philosophy bookstore! You'll find links here to "rooms" featuring books that I've found to be of particular merit, either by or about several philosophers/thinkers who I find to be especially fascinating.

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Featured Book!
Zarathustra's Sister: The Case of Elizabeth and Friedrich Nietzsche by Heinz Friedrick Peters$10.80
Description: This is a fascinating biography that chronicles Nietzsche's relationship with his sister (and her relationship with him). If you're interested in learning more about this aspect of Nietzsche's life-story, as well as about Nietzsche and his sister's involvement in the Wagner circle, Nietzsche's vitriolic hatred for his sister's husband, the notorious anti-semite, Bernard Forster, the "New Germany" debacle in Paraguay, and Elizabeth's enamorment with and support for Hitler, definitely get this book! (The back-order wait is worth it!)

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Last Updated: March 7, 2000