Errata and Graphic Fixes

The errata listed here are from the first printing of the original edition of Create Your First Web Page in a Weekend. They should all be corrected in the second printing or the revised edition. If the cover of your book matches the picture shown on the front page of this site, you have the first printing. If it doesn't (the title letters are all in black), then your book is not from the first printing for the original edition.

This page contains the following:

Graphic Fixes

A total of seven (out of almost 200) figure graphics have the wrong screen grabs. Only one of these, however, might prove confusing--the rest are fairly obvious and shouldn't really effect being able to use the book. The following are the correct graphics along with their corresponding figure numbers. Just click on the link to view the correct graphic. You can then save the graphic to your hard drive or print it. Alternatively, I've also provided a zip file that you can download containing all seven of the graphic fixes in JPG format.

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Internet Explorer Fix

On pages 34-35, the instructions for Internet Explorer for Windows 95 offline are no longer correct for Version 4.02. In Step 1, instead of saving BLANK.HTM as a completely blank file, you need to include the following: <HTML></HTML>. In Step 3, the Start and Search Pages tab has been changed to the Navigation tab.

Other Information

This is a list of other miscellaneous information that might be of help to you.

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Steven E. Callihan
Last Updated: May 15, 1998