Thoughts of an Anti-Philosopher


  1. Everything repeating exactly an infinite number of times cannot be distinguished from everything happening only once, since every repetition would be the same.
  2. There are no isolated perspectives. Every perspective is fundamentally implicative of other perspectives.
  3. It is humanity that introduces evil into the world, concealing the innocence of becoming.
  4. Being is only a word.
  5. Logic can neither be proved nor disproved by logic.
  6. Simplicity is not simple.
  7. Time is a circle.
  8. What we call the "masculine" is demonstrated only by prowess.
  9. We are enamored from birth.
  10. The obtaining of a goal is often less satisfying than the seeking of it.
  11. Language creates a world of its own.
  12. A consumerist society is necessarily dominated by hedonistic values.
  13. Authenticity cannot be manufactured.
  14. What is sufficient is seldom enough.
  15. As the semblance of themselves, essence and nothing are the same -- the only difference is the line that we draw between them.
  16. He who avoids fighting with monsters might take care lest he thereby become an ass.
  17. If a woman does not already admire a man, the more he tries to impress her, the smaller he will appear in her eyes.
  18. Weakness may be woman's best strength.
  19. No one is more corruptible than an innocent.
  20. Belief without doubt is asinine.
  21. Reality confronts us; the world surrounds us.
  22. Most never examine their own thoughts.
  23. The more convinced, the more questionable.
  24. Beware, all my sayings are laughable.

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