Create Your First Web Page In a Weekend

What's New in the 3rd Edition?

The 3rd Edition has been updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in web publishing and HTML. Every effort has also been made, with the help of reader feedback, to make this book even more reader-friendly and easy to use.

The main addition to the book is a new appendix, "Completing Your Wish List," that walks you through adding background sounds to your Web page that will play in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and guides you in how to add hit counters, guestbooks, Java applets, and animations to your Web pages.

What's New on the CD-ROM?

The CD-ROM has been updated to include many of the very latest software tools. New tools on the CD-ROM include Paint Shop Pro 5, CGI*StarPro, HTML Builder, HTML Notepad, TextPad, DB-HTML Converter, Banner*Show, CompuPic, NetSketch, WebPainter, NeoPlanet Web Browser, and four clip art libraries, to name just some.

The HTML templates available on the CD-ROM have all been updated and improved. You can now individually install any of the HTML templates that you want to use to your hard drive.

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