Create Your First Web Page in a Weekend

Outline for the 3rd Edition

0. Introduction

Who Should Read This Book
What You Can Do in a Weekend
What You Need to Begin
How This Book Is Organized
What's New in the 3rd Edition
Special Features of This Book
Visit This Book's Web Site

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I. Friday Evening: Getting Started

Whst Tools Do You Need?
A Little Background Information
Browsing Offline
Wrapping Up

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II. Saturday Morning: The Basic HTML Tutorial

Installing the Example Files
A Quick Word about HTML
The Scratch Pad Model
Creating and Saving Your Scratch Pad HTML File
Starting Your Page
Saving a Starting Template
Using Headings to Structure Your Page
Creating Paragraphs and Line Breaks
The BR (Break) Tag
Using Multiple BR Tags to Add Blank Lines
Spacing, Tabs, and Returns: For Your Eyes Only
Adding Comments
Highlighting Your Text
Inserting Non-Keyboard Characters
Using Block Quotes
Using Preformatted Text
Take a Break?
Creating Lists
Creating Definition Lists
Creating Hypertext Links
Anatomy of the A (Anchor Tag)
Crating Link Lists
Using Inline Images
Using Horizontal Rules
Signing Your Work
Saving Your Work
Wrapping Up

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III. Saturday Afternoon: The Intermediate HTML Tutorial

Getting Started
Loading Your Starting Template
Working with Text
Working with Images
Wrapping Text around Images
Working with Image Links
Working with Lists
Take a Break?
Creazting Icon Link Lists
Working with Rules
Working with Fonts
Using Background Colors and Images
Using Relative URLs (Optional)
Wrapping Up

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IV. Saturday Evening: The Tables Tutorial (Bonus Session)

Getting Started
Loading Your Starting Template
Saving Your Scratch Pad File
Starting Your Table
Defining Columns and Rows
Adding and Controlling Borders
Setting Spacing and Padding
Adding Column Headings
Adding a Caption
Centering a Table
Setting Table Width and Height
Adding Row Headings
Setting Column Widths
Inserting an Image
Vertically Aligning Cell Contents
Spanning Columns
Spanning Rows
Changing Font Sizes and Colors
Assigning Background Colors
Removing Borders and Cell Spacing
Using Background Images
Take a Break?
Defining Table Head, Body, and Foot Sections
Creating Icon Link Lists Using Tables
Wrapping Up

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V. Sunday Morning: Planning Your First Web Page

Installing the Example Web Pages
What You'll Be Doing This Morning
What You'll Need to Get Started
Defining an Objective
Doing an Outline
Choosing an Example Web Page
Take a Break?
Assembling Your Materials
Creating a Mock-Up File
Drawing a Map (Optional)
Wrapping Up

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VI. Sunday Afternoon: Creating Your First Web Page

Are You Ready?
Choosing Your Approach
Getting Started
Starting Your Web Page
Creating the Top Section (All Three Example Web Pages)
Take a Break?
Creating the Middle Section of Your Page
Creating the Middle Section (First Example Web Page)
Creating the Middle Section (Second Example Web Page)
Creating the Middle Section (Third Example Web Page)
Creating the Bottom Section of Your Page (All Three Example Web Pages)
Adding Color and Pizzazz to Your Page
Wrapping Up

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VII. Sunday Evening: The Graphics Tutorial (Bonus Session)

Installing and Running Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro's Screen Layout
Creating Special Effects with Paint Shop Pro 5
Creating Text Effects
Creating Transarent and Interlaced GIFs
Creating Drop Shadow Effects

Take a Break?
Using Color, Pattern, and Gradient Fill Effects
Take a Break?
Creating 3-D Buttons
Finding Out More about Creating Your Own Web Images
Wrapping Up

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A. Web Resources

Web Publishing References, Guides, and Tutorials
Windows Web Publishing Software Tools
Web Graphics Sources
Web Site Promotion Resources

B. Special Characters

Reserved Characters
Unused Characters
Special Characters

C. Completing Your Wish List

Adding Background Sounds
Adding Hit Counters and Guestbooks
Adding GIF Animations
Adding Java Applets
Adding Interactive Animations
Using Image Maps
Using Frames and Forms

D. Putting It Up on the Web

Finding a Web Host
Transferring Your Web Page to a Server
Using WS_FTP LE to Transfer Your Web Page Files
Using Other FTP Programs to Transfer Your Web Page Files

E. HTML -- Past and Future

Basic HTML: HTML 1.0 and 2.0
Ad Hoc HTML: Netscape and Microsoft Extensions
A Failed Initiative: HTML 3.0
Current HTML: HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0

F. What's on the CD-ROM?

Running the CD-ROM
The Prima License
The Prima User Interface
Pop-Up Menu Options
Accessing the Book Examples
The Software

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