Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend, 4th Edition

by Steve Callihan

Have you wanted to learn HTML, but thought you couldn't? Do you think that HTML is just for techies? Think again!

"After just 3 days, I managed to create an interactive frame-based professional-looking website which has already generated customers for my business.... What more do you need to know?" -- from a customer review at Amazon.co.uk.

Here are just some of the many complimentary responses I've received from readers of this and previous editions.

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"What can I say? BRILLIANT! You simply MUST buy this book, it really does teach you HTML. I picked it up on a Thursday, and had my first webpage on the internet by that Saturday, complete with scrolling bars, forms, graphics, animations, sound...the list goes on! It is one of the best buys that I have ever made." -- from a customer review at Amazon.com.

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