Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend, 4th Edition

by Steve Callihan

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the key for being able to create and design your own Web pages. HTML is not just for techies. HTML is for everyone! HTML was conceived from the beginning as something the average user can easily learn and use.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Friday Evening - Getting Oriented

  • Saturday Morning - Creating a Basic Web Page

  • Saturday Mid-Day - Creating a More Advanced Web Page

  • Saturday Afternoon - Dressing Up Your Pages

  • Saturday Evening (Bonus Session) - Working with Tables

  • Sunday Morning - Working with Frames

  • Sunday Mid-Day - Working with Forms

  • Sunday Afternoon - Working with Styles

  • Sunday Evening (Bonus Session) - Creating Page Layouts

  • Appendixes:

    1. HTML/XHTML Reference
    2. Special Characters and Character Sets
    3. Creating Your Own Web Graphics
    4. Completing Your Wish List
    5. Transferring Your Pages to the Web

Order Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend from Amazon.com.

Reader Comments from This and Previous Editions

"After just 3 days, I managed to create an interactive frame-based professional-looking website which has already generated customers for my business.... What more do you need to know?" -- from a customer review of at Amazon.co.uk.

"I completed this book in a weekend just like the title says, and found it to have a very personal yet concise style of writing that put me at ease with the subject. The author alerts you to many pitfalls and has excellent tips along the way. If a sentence brought up a question in my mind, sure enough, it was answered in the next sentence or two." -- from a customer review at Amazon.com.

"What can I say? BRILLIANT! You simply MUST buy this book, it really does teach you HTML. I picked it up on a Thursday, and had my first webpage on the internet by that Saturday, complete with scrolling bars, forms, graphics, animations, sound...the list goes on! It is one of the best buys that I have ever made." -- from a customer review of Learn HTML In a Weekend, 3rd Edition at Amazon.com.

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